THE NEWS BUNDLE: 'Wreck It Ralph' Supervisor Says Disney Is Working on Traditionally Animated and 'Paperman'-Like Features

As Wreck-It Ralph emerges as a big hit for Walt Disney Animated Studios, it’s still easy to point out that the CGI hit is far from the classic animation style that put the company on the map. Though we’ve seen efforts in recent years such asHome on the RangeThe Princess and the Frog and Winnie The Pooh, they are overshadowed in number compared to the number of CGI-animated efforts dished out every year. 
But if there was one bout of animation this year that really blew audiences away was the Disney short Paperman which blended both the traditional 2D animation style with some CGI scenery and effects. Now, one of the leading men behindWreck-It Ralph hints that in Disney’s future we’ll not only be reverting back to a classic look but will be utilizing the same type of style that Paperman decided to push.