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THE NEWS BUNDLE: Epic New Trailer for 'Community' Season 5 Brings Plenty of Great Laughs

As the holidays have almost arrived and we enter 2014, the new year will bring an awaited return as Community kicks off its fifth season just after the ball drops in Times Square. In the weeks leading up, we’ve seen various first looks as recently the cast have begun to open up about a fresh direction for the series. Now, an epic new trailer brings plenty of great laughs an a fantasy vibe just in time for the next Hobbit movie with our longest look at the new season to date.

THE NEWS BUNDLE: Jeff's Role At Greendale Given A Twist in New Trailer & Featurette for NBC's 'Community' Season 5

As December continues to wind down, we are just weeks away from NBC’s fan-favorite comedy Community finally returning. As the fifth season moves forward with some key talent returning behind the scenes, things have been kept rather quiet regarding exactly how the study group will change in 2014. Now, it turns out that Jeff’s return to Greendale comes with a new twist as the cast describes the season premiere as an all-new starting point.

Jul 8

THE NEWS BUNDLE: Donald Glover To Only Appear In A Handful of Episodes for 'Community' Season 5

Though the fourth season was met with a fair share of criticism from both fans and professionals, Community is on track for an exciting return as the acclaimed visionary behind the project returns. While it’s still unclear how the study group will reunite, there were rumors last month that one half of a fan-favorite friendship may be back in only a reduced presence.

Now, it seems Abed will have to find a guest co-host for episodes of Troy & Abed in the Morning as word has hit one of the leads will only be back for a portion of the new year.

THE NEWS BUNDLE: The 'Community' Cast and Will Forte Hilariously Audition for 'The Way Way Back' in New Featurette

In just two weeks, the indie comedy The Way Way Back hits theaters in limited release. What could be a surprise hit with an incredible cast, TV spots have begun to run rampant as the film could wind up being an acclaimed alternative in the weeks ahead. Now, a new featurette has surfaced in which co-writer and director Jim Rash has tapped a handful of Community co-stars to audition for a role within the film. And as you can imagine, hilarity ensues.

Jun 1

THE NEWS BUNDLE: It's Official - Dan Harmon To Return as 'Community' Showrunner for Season 5

With only a scarce number of veteran NBC comedies returning this upcoming season, Community returns certainly in a unique state. After an extended mid-season hiatus in Season 3, the fourth season of the comedy was held until mid-season once again despite a previous October bow. But these days one of the most exciting prospects has been ousted creator Dan Harmon possibly returning once more. Now, the visionary has revealed he will in fact be back in the writers room in the months ahead.

THE NEWS BUNDLE: Dan Harmon Reportedly Confirms He's Been Offered To Return As EP for 'Community' Season 5

After a high-profile Community departure this time last year for Dan Harmon, the visionary has been successfully branching out in the past year. With a co-created animated series making its way to Adult Swim later this year and weekly shows in L.A.’s NerdMelt Theater, it’s safe to say Harmon is certainly still a cult smash.

But last week, a report surfaced from Deadline that Harmon was eyed to return for the aforementioned program following its recent renewal. Now, it seems that has been confirmed as he took the stage this past weekend.

Apr 6

THE NEWS BUNDLE: First Poster for 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' Revealed; Release Date Moved Up

With a successful first trailer out of the gate earlier this week, fans are excited to have the titular character back on-screen in the upcoming sequel Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Whether or not it will be an improvement to critics over its predecessor remains to be seen, but the first footage from the action adventure certainly had a lot to digest and laugh about while seeming like a great blockbuster for so late in the Summer. Now, it seems Fox has liked the enthusiasm so much not only have they revealed an earlier release date for the film but they’ve unveiled the teaser poster as well, which shows the massive scope of one of the trailer’s biggest moments.

Apr 1

THE NEWS BUNDLE: First Trailer for 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' Features Cronos, A Charismatic Nathan Fillion and More

A beloved book series, Percy Jackson has a very excited and well-established fanbase. While the first film didn’t necessarily blow audiences out of the water, it did well enough to greenlight a sequel and after a delay from March to later this Summer, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is ready to hit the big screen with an impressive cast of characters.

While we received our first look earlier this month, now the first trailer comes with an extended peek as it hits online today, featuring the return of the villainous Jake Abel, plenty of new faces and even Nathan Fillion being as charming as ever before.

THE NEWS BUNDLE: New Clip from 'Community' Season 4 Confirms Its Senior Year for The Study Group (But Is It Their Last?)

After an unexpected four month delay and with the 30 Rockseries finale leaving a hole in their schedule, Community is finally returning to its old stomping grounds next week. Though this is the final season for both Chevy Chase and head writer Megan Ganz, the always on-the-bubble series is still looking forward to another year in the network despite being treated otherwise. Now, a new clip from the upcoming season premiere reveals that perhaps there’s a chance the series could be preparing for the end with a major milestone for each of the community college students.

THE NEWS BUNDLE: Extended Sneak Peek of The 'Community' Season 4 Premiere As The Hunger Deans Begin

It’s been a long and bumpy road for the fourth season forCommunity, who after an unexpected four month bump finds our study group back in their usual timeslot in their first year without creator and ex-showrunner Dan Harmon. Now that the time is limited not only for Chevy Chase but head writer Megan Ganz as well while we celebrate the major holidays much later than originally planned, it’s what exactly Greendale has to offer this year that remains to be seen. However kicking off the new episodes will be a spoof of The Hunger Games as Dean Pelton sets up “The Hunger Deans”. Now, we get to discover why he creates the competition in our first extended clip of the Season 4 premiere.